Thursday, August 5, 2010

Madam Morchella

Madam Morchella has graced us with her presence! She is hand sculpted from polymer clay with a soft body. Her body is a one of a kind pattern that I created specifically for her body style. The hands, feet and Face are original sculptures that I made without any molds or kits. I attached them to a body armature that I created to fit her proportions so that she is pose able.

Madam Morchella is quite the classy girl with her matching attire and fishnet stockings. She even has burgundy feathers on her striped witches hat to match her scarf! All of her clothes are hand made with one of a kind patterns that I designed just for her. Madam Morchella is about 12 inches tall with her hat, and ten inches tall without it. She has toad-green Glass eyes and salt 'n pepper Tibetan lamb hair. Madam Morchella is also sealed to be water resistant and is balanced to stand freely.

Madam Morchella is available for purchase. Please email me for a price!


  1. Shannon, I love all the amazing detail you put into your dolls! They are truly wonderful works of art. You are a very talented artist :)


  2. Thank you for your appreciation Diane, and for being my first follower on my new page! I hope you will like my upcomming dolls too!


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