Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inspired by my mother, who has recently become a chicken Farmer!


This Mischievious character is a One of A Kind Art Doll. Her hands, feet and face are hand sculpted from polymer clay and painted in acrylics. She is sealed to be water resistant. Her body is a soft, fabric sculpture over a wire armature. All of the farmer's clothes are hand made and fitted to suit her figure. I wanted to give this girl a little flair so I used a fiery, orange Tibenan Lamb Hair and amber glass eyes.

All of the chickens are hand sculpted and painted. The standing chicken and the farmer both have mounts to stay on their base. The base is painted wood that has been sealed to be water resistant. "Chicken Mojo" is about 12 inches tall, and 10 inches wide.

This is her soft sculpted, fabric body. It is hand made with a striped underware sewn over it for a realistic body.


  1. Oh my she's awesome. Makes me smile everytime I look at her. And the chickens are wonderful fun.

  2. EACH one of your dolls are just tooooooo fantastic, I do so LOVE the expressions on all of them but this one has got to be my fav although that witch carring the pumpkin was priceless!!!

  3. I'm so glad she's a hit, I hope you will enjoy my next one too!


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