Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fat Cat Singing

This Tom Cat is baby doll sized, and sitting at about 14 inches tall including the top hat (his standing height is 21 inches). He is inspired by a New Orleans street performer. His face, paws and claws are hand sculpted in polymer clay and hand painted. The Miniature hat, clothes, and guitar are also handmade by the artist. I used Balsa wood to build the guitar and thin wire for the strings. I used flat black with vibrant orange lining on the top hat and red, orange, and speckled feathers to match.

He has a jazzy vintage-style diamond shirt with snap buttons and black slacks. His vest is smokey grey with white trimming and an orange hanky in his pocket to match the lining on his hat. All clothes are also handmade to fit him specifically.


  1. Absolute fabulousness! What a creative mind!

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